Activities for Members

Our members at Nature Society (Singapore) enjoy a range of activities such as guided nature walks,

292227_10150271691552605_607782604_7826530_5222158_n.jpg Bukit Brown Public Walk July 2011.JPG

bird and butterfly watching,

untitled1.jpg 184258_199512706742526_100000513953640_763204_6239513_n.jpg

workshops and courses,

216763_10150165536508814_659668813_6513977_6660790_n.jpg 206669_10150165532633814_659668813_6513955_5941108_n.jpg

overseas eco-trips,

66951_444312197604_607782604_5373988_3325120_n.jpg 30611_386828597604_607782604_3995934_5612479_n.jpg

and various environmental and conservation projects.

 nssproject.jpg survey.jpg

Our activities take place on almost every weekend of the year. Some of the activities for our members are also open to the public.

To find out what activities we have on offer for our members, please look at our events page.

To sign up as our member, please look at our membership page.