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Horseshoe Crab Research Update

Document No.Volume 19 No 3

Author: Lesley Cartwright-Taylor

As a follow up to a detailed account of the horseshoe crab studies and rescue work in Singapore provided in a previous issue, the author presents the latest results of the project and its scientific recognition in the Aquatic Biology journal. She highlights that the fisherman surveys and the density studies yielded important baseline data to monitor the species population and determine any effects on its health and size. The findings of the study indicate that the Coastal Horseshoe Crab is likely to be breeding in very few sites around the main island of Singapore. Some overlap of the large coastal species of the sandy beaches with the Mangrove Horseshoe Crab of muddy habitats comes out as an interesting find, indicating the possible shrinkage of sandy habitats. The article concludes with a strong conservation message of preserving the habitat of these ancient species as the Kranji site and Sungei Buloh, being very small areas, may be the last sites on the island with such thriving population of the species.

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