Recommendation for Buffer Creation at Boon Lay Forest for Planned Bus Depot

A meeting was held with the LTA concerning the development of the Sg Ulu Pandan Forest located between Boon Lay Way and Faber Heights  on 28 October 2015. The forest is the nesting  site for the Changeable Hawk-eagle as well as the haunt of a pair of the White-bellied Sea Eagles as well as the Grey-headed Fish Eagle and Brahminy Kites that forage for fish along the Pandan River and Reservoir.  But it is slated for the a bus depot. The Committee urged that the Eagle¹s site be spared from the development together with a part of the forest around the nesting site to provide perching /resting places for the raptors. Due to space constraint, the LTA is only prepared to leave a belt of 20-metres of the vegetation untouched, stretching from the shoulder of the Ulu Pandan river. In addition to this, a 3-metre buffer inwards from the LTA¹s depot fence will be catered for with planted vegetation, giving overall a 23-metre belt of vegetation from the river to the concretised depot development.

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