NSS Symposium 2011: Nature Conservation for a Sustainable Singapore Papers Now Available

Pls refer to the list below for selected papers as presented during our 2011 Symposium held at Swissotel Merchant Court on 16 Oct 2011.

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4. Biotic Extinctions in Singapore: Past Lessons and Future Threats
    Yong Ding Li
    Pages: 21-27

5. Topic: Insect Conservation in Singapore
    Cheong Loong Fah
    Pages: 29-39

6. Bats in Singapore - Ecological Roles and Conservation Needs
    Leong Tzi Ming & Chan Kwok Wai 
    Pages: 41-64 
7. Review of Wild Animals and Birds Act (WABA): Proposals for Its Improvement
    Vinayagan Dharmarajah
    Pages 65-69

8. Recent Trends of Nationally Threatened Birds in Singapore
    Lim Kim Seng & Yong Ding Li
    Pages: 71-92

9. Alien Invasive Species in Singapore: An Introduction, with Suggestions for Next Steps
    Tan Bian
    Pages: 93-97. 

10. The Current Status of Mangroves Forests in Singapore
      Yang Shufen, Lim Rachel, Sheue Chiou-Rong, & Jean Yong 
      Pages: 99-120

11. The Freshwater Swamp Forests of Sungei Seletar Catchment
      Tony O'Dempsey & Chew Ping Ting 
      Pages: 121-166