National Butterfly Campaign Voting Results

And the Winner of the National Butterfly Vote is…….?



On 21 March 2015, Nature Society (Singapore) / NSS launched the National Butterfly campaign in conjunction with PUB’s World Water Week celebration at Singapore Sports Hub.

The campaign aimed to raise public awareness of how butterflies enhance the environment and the increasing need to protect them and their natural forest habitat.  A dedicated website ( gave updates on current losses and threats to Singapore’s butterflies. 

The main highlight of the campaign was to engage Singaporeans, permanent and working residents of Singapore through a web portal to vote for our National Butterfly - one which best represents the spirit of Singapore among the six species shortlisted by a panel of experts. 

Six butterflies were shortlisted for voting by experts in the field based on beauty, size, life status ( i.e. thriving or endangered ), endemism or uniqueness to Singapore and a reflection of recognised Singapore traits or symbols (e.g. resilience, adaptability, the Singapore flag ). The six nominees were Painted Jezebel, Common Rose, Common Birdwing, Common Tiger, Common Tree Nymph, Knight.

Publicity for the campaign included press articles, write-ups in the National Butterfly campaign & related Facebook pages, and campaign posters (2000) and standees (22) displayed at key places such as schools, higher institutions of learning, public libraries and popular recreational spots like Singapore Zoo and Bird Park.

NSS also held Butterfly appreciation talks and walks, and took part in various 

popular events such as the Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Concert at the Parks, to publicise the National Butterfly campaign. There, visitors of all ages enjoyed educational games where they learnt more about the National Butterfly nominees.  

Shell and Keppel Land are major sponsors of this project, with Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) providing its support.  The sponsors’ backing significantly helped with the campaign publicity. Keppel Land rallied its staff, tenants and residents in support of the campaign. Jason Leow, General Manager, Communications, Shell Singapore, expressed the hope that such environmental partnerships will encourage more appreciation for Singapore’s biodiversity and contribute to national conservation efforts.


Voting Results

Nature Society (Singapore) is pleased to announce the voting results for the selection of our National Butterfly. Members of the public cast their votes from 21 March to 30 April, 2015. 

The total number of votes cast to select the National Butterfly was 7603. 




Common Rose



Painted Jezebel



Common Tiger



Common Tree Nymph






Common Birdwing



The top winner is the Common Rose butterfly which garnered 2805 votes or 37% of all votes cast.   Painted Jezebel emerged as the first runner-up with 27% of the votes and in third place is the Common Tiger with 21% of the votes. 

The remaining 15% of all the votes cast is split amongst the other 3 nominees namely Common Tree Nymph, Knight and Common Birdwing.

Closeup on the Top Three (3) Winning Butterflies - 

What are their Special Features? 



COMMON ROSE (Pachliopta aristolochiae asteris)

This is a medium-size, graceful and attractive forest butterfly from the PAPILIONIDAE-Papilioninae ( Birdwings & Swallowtails ) Subfamily.

It has striking wing and body coloration.  Its body is complete in bright red, while its wings are black with contrasting red and white colour patterns.  Its red and white colours can be said to reflect our national flag colours, and some may associate the red dots with the five stars, and the white streaks with the crescent moon.

It is found mainly in the forests, and very occasionally, feeding upon the nectar of flowers in parks and gardens located on the forest edge.

In its caterpillar stage, it feeds only on the toxic leaves of the Indian Birthwort - Dutchmans Pipe (Aristolochia acuminata) and retains this toxicity when it is a butterfly, which it uses as a defense against predators. Its bright red body colors are also a signal to would-be predators like birds about its toxicity. 

However, its toxicity has not stopped its population from declining to the point of near extinction. The reason for this is the butterflys reliance on a single host plant to feed it at the caterpillar stage. The distribution of this host plant in Singapore is very limited, which has threatened the survival of this beautiful butterfly.  Thus, it is important to encourage the growth of its host plant - the Dutchmans Pipe (Aristolochia acuminata)- in gardens and parks, and to preserve our forests where this vine can be found.



PAINTED JEZEBEL  (Delias hyparete metarete)

This is a common, medium-size butterfly from the PIERIDAE-Pierinae (Whites & Sulphurs) subfamily.   Its wings show 4 contrasting colours - white, yellow, orange and black.

It is one of the most visible, adaptable and resilient butterflies in Singapore with an extremely varied habitat. 

It has been sighted in forests (inland and coastal), grasslands, gardens, parks, both HDB and private housing estates, and even around office blocks in the city centre where there are trees. 

It is active not just in sunny weather but also under cloudy and threatening skies.  It has been seen flying in a drizzle. 

In its caterpillar stage, it feeds only on leaves of the Malayan Mistletoe 

(Dendrophtoe pentandra). As this is a parasitic plant of mature trees, the Painted Jezebel can be regarded as semi gardener-friendly. 

The months of February, March and April appear to be the season’ of the Painted Jezebels, where many have been spotted flying in forests, parks, gardens as well as HDB and private housing estates.

Given its widespread occurrence, it is a certainly one butterfly which lives more closely to people than most!



COMMON TIGER  (Danaus genutia genutia)

The Common Tiger butterfly is a poisonous species from the Tigers, Crows and Milkweed Butterflies NYMPHALIDAE-Danainae subfamily.   It is so named because it resembles the striped animal predator, and likewise it is striking and handsome in its own way.

It bears a resemblance to the world renowned migrant butterfly, the Monarch (Danaus plexippus) of North America to which it is closely related.  The Common Tiger is one of three orange Tiger’ butterflies found in Singapore – the other two being the Plain Tiger and the Black Veined Tiger.

The butterfly has 2 forms: form-genutia with orange hindwing and form-intermedius with white borders tinged with orange.  Both forms can be found together but the form-genutia is more common. 

The Common Tiger is an adaptable butterfly.  It is found mainly in coastal and mangrove habitats where its host plant, Cynanchum sp., resides.  However, it can also be seen in urban environments like gardens and parks.


Plans for the Future

NSSs immediate plan is to promote the national butterfly, namely Common Rose, through NSSs outreach program and partnership with schools, private butterfly gardens and community gardens to plant Aristolochia acuminata, the host plant for the national butterfly.

Other plans are in the pipeline and will be announced at a later stage.   Stay tuned for the new developments!


Lucky Draw for Voters of Common Rose, National Butterfly Winner  

Voters of the Common Rose, the Peoples Choice National Butterfly, were eligible for a lucky draw.  There are 3 prizes to be won in the lucky draw.  They are:


1st Prize 

One IPAD MINI 3 (wifi + 3G) 

One-Year Free Subscription for NSS Membership

4 NSS Field Guides (Covering Butterflies, Birds, Dragonflies, Bees)

2nd Prize

Book Prize - SINGAPORE BIODIVERSITY: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development by NUS and edn.

One-Year Free Subscription for NSS Membership

4 NSS Field Guides (Covering Butterflies, Birds, Dragonflies, Bees)         


3rd Prize 

One-Year Free Subscription for NSS Membership

4 NSS Field Guides (Covering Butterflies, Birds, Dragonflies, Bees)


Nature Society (Singapore) conducted the Lucky Draw at its office on 3rd June 2015.  Winners will soon be notified of their win via their email.   

The names of the winners will also be published in Nature Society (Singapore)s website. 

Prizes are to be collected upon verification that winners are not 

(1) Nature Society (Singapore)/NSS’s Executive Committee members, Council members, Butterfly & Insect Group members, Secretariat staff and their immediate family members. 

(2) Sponsors’ Senior Management staff




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