NSS' Motion Adopted at World Conservation Congress

The motion for the conservation of Asian horseshoe crabs (Tachypleus tridentatus, Tachypleus gigas and Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda) was successfully adopted at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 6–15 September 2012.

Nature Society (Singapore) was the main sponsor of the motion.

Co- Sponsors were:

· Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, Singapore

· Centre for Environmental Legal Studies, PACE University, USA

· Bombay Natural History Society, India

· Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Philippines

· Malaysian Nature Society, Malaysia

NSS’ IUCN Coordinator, Mr Vinayagan Dharmarajah, who had actively spearheaded the motion on behalf of NSS, represented NSS at the Congress.

The full motion can be found at the link below:

The complete list of Resolutions & Recommendations adopted by the IUCN during the 2012 World Conservation Congress can be found at:

Our motion for the conservation of the Asian Horseshoe Crabs can be found on page 41-43 of the booklet.

For more information on our Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Research Project, click here.