NSS is the Official Charity Partner of Junior Explorers

NSS is proud to announce a partnership with Junior Explorers!! We are the official Charity Partner of Junior Explorers in Singapore.

The Junior Explorers Club is a international, monthly subscription-based program that connects kids aged 5-12 to our planet and its species through monthly product kits delivered to their home via mail, as well as engaging online experiences.

Junior Explorers is all about fun, yet is rooted in a clear message: Explore, Share, Protect. It is a first-of-its-kind multisensory experience that takes kids on exciting missions each month. They will explore different ecosystems, such as the Arctic, the Serengeti and the Amazon, learning about the animals and ecosystems of each region. Through game-based learning, kids deepen their understanding and love for wildlife and nature.

Missions start at home each month with the arrival of the Mission Kits in the mail. The kits contain educational items such as ecosystem factsheets and activity books, along with cool and fun collectibles like animal figurines, tattoos, wristbands and badges. Then the kids go online each month to complete their missions, accompanying the two animated characters Kyle and Kia in each month’s ecosystem. The monthly missions are presented in the form of engaging and interesting stories and adventures, and the children play a lot of fun games and enjoy great interactive learning experiences throughout.

Junior Explorers also incorporates a concept called Mission Giveback, whereby children donate their own points to real world NGOs doing frontline conservation work in the ecosystems the kids learn about each month. Junior Explorers then converts those points into real money donations for those NGOs. Not only is Junior Explorers a fun and educational program for kids, but it also has a direct positive social impact on the planet.

Junior Explorers truly combines entertainment with education and focuses on some of the most important topics of today. We believe that the children of the day need to be empowered with knowledge about the natural world and animals, as well as develop a love for them at an early age, as the children of today are the ones who will be most affected in the future by changing environments and species extinction. 

NSS is the official Charity Partner of Junior Explorers in Singapore, and will be one of the NGOs in their Mission Giveback program.

Sign up your child today, to help them begin exploring the natural world and learning about the other species that share this wonderful planet with us!

Use the code NSS10, and enjoy a 10% discount on all Junior Explorers subscriptions.

More information can be found at http://www.juniorexplorers.com/sg.

You can also find them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/juniorexplorersclub.