Online Talk: Monitoring Rare Animals in the Deserts of North Africa

Date : 17 Dec 2022
Time : 3 pm to 4 pm
Location : Hosted on Zoom by Gloria Seow & Ter Yang on behalf of Nature Society (Singapore)

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

Deserts are perceived as wasteland. When people think of deserts, what comes to mind are camels or herds of goats, but never gazelles or leopards. This colonial view is harming the fabric of desert biodiversity. In reality, deserts are productive ecosystems. They may not have the lushness of verdant forests. But do you know that forests cannot do without deserts? Join Mr Abdullah Nagy in this Zoom talk to learn how this is so. Mr Nagy is a researcher of desert ecology at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. His published work involves the quantification of habitat loss using field work, remote sensing and GIS. Mr Nagy will reveal the interwoven stories of desert wildlife in North Africa. The focus will be on gazelles, the Dabb-lizard and other rare animals. Undoubtedly, people are shaping the desert habitat and the behaviour of its wildlife. Find out how animals are responding to human pressure inside protected areas, and how they are doing in the age of the Anthropocene. All are welcome to join us.

Speaker: Mr Abdullah Nagy, Desert Ecologist

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12 December 2022, Monday

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