Online Workshop: Fun with Singapore Marine Life

Date : 20 Feb 2022
Time : 10.30 am to 11.15 am
Location : Online, Zoom

- Hosted by Gloria Seow from NSS Education Committee
- Zoom link will be emailed after the closing date

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

When the tide is extra low, a large swathe of intertidal habitat becomes exposed, where diving is not required to experience the marine world. Join Lisa as she shares the fascinating marine life found in Singapore’s shores. One can expect to see colourful sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea slugs, sand dollars, sea urchins, and even seahorses and giant clams if you know where to go and how to look for them. Singapore has hard and soft corals as well as sponges, which are home to an array of crabs, fishes, octopus, squids and more. Lisa will also share tips on how to explore the intertidal habitat safely and the challenges in safeguarding them for future generations. The talk will wrap with a Q&A segment.

Speaker: Lisa Lim, Nature Society (Singapore) Marine Conservation Group

Kindly register at:

- All ages are welcome to join us, especially children (4 to 12 years old) and their parents.
- Zoom link will be emailed after the closing date. If you do not receive it in your Inbox, kindly check your junk/spam mail.
- Free of charge

Closing Date
13 February 2022, Sunday

For enquiries, contact Gloria Seow at

Speaker Biography
Ms Lisa Lim is an avid scuba diver and an active volunteer with Nature Society (Singapore)’s Marine Conservation Group as well as NParks. At NParks, she is one of the pioneer intertidal guides at Sister's Islands Marine Park and helps in the marine turtles' conservation programme. In NSS, she is the project representative for the Restore Ubin Mangroves Initiative, where she conducts guided mangrove walks and guided kayaking along Pulau Ubin’s mangrove-lined rivers. Lisa organises regular mangrove and coastal clean-ups as well as activities that highlight mangrove biodiversity and marine pollution. She participated in the NSS Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Research programme and outreach activities at NSS’s “Nature in the Heartland” roadshows. In addition, Lisa is the Lead Organiser for “The Young Marine Biologist” online programme, inspiring children to become good stewards of our marine environment.

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