Workshop: Wildlife-Friendly Food Gardening & Composting

Date : 09 Dec 2023
Time : 2pm - 4pm
Location : Sprout Hub @ 102 Henderson Road

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

Keen to start your own wildlife-friendly food garden from scratch? Have fun tending to your plant babies and watch them become delectable herbs, vegetables and fruits. If done right, your food garden will also attract beneficial wildlife such as ladybugs, butterflies and birds, adding vibrancy to your garden ecosystem. This holistic workshop, led by master gardener Andrew Tay, will cover:

•    Tour of Sprout Hub’s Urban Farms to look at food plants and how to grow them
•    Start Your Food Garden from Scratch: Types of Soils, Pots, Organic Fertilisers and Herbal Pesticides
•    Sunlight and Watering Needs
•    Methods to Multiply Your Plants via Cuttings, Seeds, Clump Division and Offset
•    How to Make Compost in a Pot
•    Participants to Pot Up 2 Food Plants to Take Home. All Materials Provided
•    Free Vegetable Seeds (1 Packet) + Free Plant Cuttings
•    Experience Sharing on ‘Starting My Food Garden from Scratch & the Cool Wildlife it Attracts’

Participants are to be well on the day of the activity, and must wear a mask if they are coughing or sneezing. NSS reserves the right to turn away participants who are unwell on the day.

Instructors: Andrew Tay (Master Gardener) & Gloria Seow (Experience Sharing)

$48 per person

- We will send you a separate email on how to make payment for the workshop once once we receive your registration
- The bulk of the funds collected will be donated to NSS.

Min. Age
7 yrs old

To attend the talk, register at:

Closing Date
Saturday, 2 December 2023

Maximum No. of Participants
20 participants.

Note: Confirmation details will be emailed after the closing date.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Gloria Seow, Education Committee Vice Chairperson, at

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