Online Talk: Fun with Otters

Date : 25 Oct 2020
Time : 10am to 10.45am
Location : Hosted on Zoom by Gloria Seow and Sung Mei Yee

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

The Smooth-coated Otter is a national darling when it comes to wildlife in Singapore, appearing in the news ever so often, in countless social media posts, artworks and even government banners. Aside from finding them irresistible, how well do you know your otters? Join wildlife photographer and otter-watcher extraordinaire Bernard Seah as he opens up your eyes to their colourful lifestyle: from their hunting behaviour to mating, parenting, exploring, sheltering, territorial disputes, and interactions with other species including humans. He will also share about the threats they face and dish out tips on where and how to watch them. The talk will be followed by an AMA (ask me anything) segment.

All are welcome to join us.

Children (4 to 12 years old) and their parents / caregivers / older siblings will be given priority.

Kindly register at:

- Limited to 150 persons, so please register early
- Free of charge
- Open to the public
- Zoom link will be emailed after the closing date.

Closing Date
18 October 2020, Sunday

For enquiries, contact Gloria Seow at

Speaker: Bernard ‘OtterGrapher’ Seah

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