Talk: The Current State of the Environment

Date : 27 Nov 2018
Time : 8pm - 9pm
Location : Gallery Room, Level 6, Sky Park, Singapore Sustainability Academy (SSA)

SSA Address:
Skypark, Level 6, City Square Mall,
180 Kitchener Road,
Singapore 208539

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

Dr. Jim Frazier's talk will cover a global perspective of the impact that humans have inflicted on earth and the extinction of animal life. It will cover climate change, deforestation, ocean pollution and its devastating effect on birds and other animal populations worldwide. The talk will also cover his film project titled ‘SYMPHONY OF THE EARTH’ which is an ambitious musical and wildlife feature film aimed at making a new kind of environmental global statement about the condition of our planet and its inhabitants. It shows a series of amazing contrasts between humans and animals. How both sing and dance, both show aggression, both show love, both feel pain, both laugh and both are dependent on others of their kind.  However, animals don’t destroy their environment as humans do. With its underlying theme is ‘GIVING THE EARTH A VOICE’, the film promises to be the most unusual musical extravaganza ever attempted.

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Speaker Profile
Dr. Frazier - an Academy and Emmy Award winner - is one of Australia’s most decorated cinematographers and is renowned for his work in the area of photography and for developing innovative lenses and techniques for the filming of invertebrates in the wild. Rated by the BBC as one of the world’s top wildlife cameramen, Dr. Frazier is well known for his work with Sir David Attenborough, setting the cinematographic standard for wildlife television with award-winning series Life on Earth and The Living Planet. Dr. Frazier received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 1997 for his invention of the Panavision Frazier Lens System, which has revolutionized filmmaking worldwide and has been used in numerous films by Hollywood greats including Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. In October 1998, he was presented with the John Grierson International Gold Medal for pioneering work in micro/macro cinematography. In 1998, he was inducted into the Cinematographers Society’s Hall of Fame.

This talk is jointly organized by BirdLife International Asia and Nature Society (Singapore).

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