Butterfly Walk at Bukit Brown

Date : 27 Feb 2021
Time : 9am - 11.30am
Location : Bukit Brown.

Meet at 9:00am at the entrance of Lorong Halwa (off Kheam Hock Road; pictur reference in Registration Form).

Open to NSS Members & their Friends - Registration Needed

A cemetery that was estimated to have 100,000 tombs within 86 hectares of secondary forest and semi-open landscape. The cemetery was named after George Henry Brown, a British trader and proprietor at Collyer Quay in the 1850s. As we walk by the tombs, you can expect to see butterfly species that feed on grasses and herbs like the Blue Pansy, Striped Albatross and Common Grass Yellow, as well as forest-dependent butterfly species such as the Banded Line Blue, Common Palmfly, Common Rose, Commander and Horsfield’s Baron.

Max. No. of Participants

Note: Size of the group is limited to 7, as the leader counts as one person.

To register, please visit:

Things to Bring
Bring a hat, water, and binoculars or a camera with good zoom if you have.

For queries, please contact: Kang Min at 93823462.

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