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How to include photos in a post - Method 1

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How to include photos in a post - Method 1

Postby green baron » Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:05 pm

To post photos, you must first upload your photos to a photo hosting site.

There are many free photo hosting sites on the Internet. These are a few of the more popular ones :
- Photobucket,
- Flickr (Yahoo),
- Facebook photo album,
- Picasa (Google),
- Windows Live Photo (Microsoft)

If you do not already have an account to host photos, you should sign up an account with one of these photo hosting sites first.

Procedure to post image from an external site in a post :

We will be using Photobucket as an example and assume you already have an account with Photobucket. Instruction for Flickr is provided at the end of this document.

1. Login to your Photobucket account. Click on "Choose files" to select the photos which you want to display in a post.

2. Click on the photo you want to upload. You can upload more than 1 files by Ctrl-Click on the files.
Click Open when you are done with the selection

3. Enter title and description (optional) and Click "return to album"

4. Once you have successfully uploaded the photos, they will show up on your Photobucket album.

5. Move your mouse cursor over the photo thumbnail (see picture above) of the photo you want to show in your post and click on box below the photo, next to IMG code. Select the entire code (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C) it to the clipboard.

6. Paste (Ctrl-V) the entire code into the text area of your post in the NSS Nature Forum.

7. Click "Preview" to preview your post with the photo (optional).
Repeat step 5-6 if you would like to display more than one photos from you Photobucket album..

8. Click "Submit" to confirm the post. You will see the photo apppears in your post !

Note that the BBCode to display an image in a post is - [img]Image_URL[/img]

where Image_URL is the address to the image (ends with .img or .gif) that you want to display. You must be able to past the address in a web browser to display the image.

Some photo hosting sites only provide you with the URL of the image without the [img]and[/img] BBCode. In such cases you need to manually enclose your image address between [img]and[/img].

You can try out the above steps in the TEST Forum area.

Instruction for posting photos from Flickr Photo Album :

We will assume that you have a Flickr account and have uploaded your photos to your Flickr photo album.
Click on the photo you want to post on the NSS forum and you will be presented with the following screen.


1. Click on the 'Share this'
2. Click on 'Grab the HTML/BBCode'
3. Select 'BBCode'
4. Select the size of the photos. You can use the default size and skip this step.
5. Select the text (Click on the text box and press Ctrl-A) and copy it into the Clipboard (Ctrl-C)
6. Follow Step 6 in the above instructions.
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