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Birdwatching and the challenges ahead

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Birdwatching and the challenges ahead

Postby ycwee » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:29 pm

Newcomers to birdwatching are eager to look at birds. They naturally carry a checklist and tick off species seen. Soon they will have ticked off many, and in no time at all they will have seen all the common species and some of the less common ones. The next step will be listing species of this habitat and that. But ticking and listing will not grab their attention for long. They need challenging activities to remain interested in birdwatching.

The newly published paper, "Birding in Singapore and the challenges of the 21st century" lists activities that can keep birdwatchers interested long after they have mastered the craft of identifying birds in the field. Knowing what else they can do and actively involving in such challenging activities will maintain their interest and at the same time they can contribute to the ornithological knowledge of local and regional birds.

Check out this link: ... t-century/ where you can download a PDF of the paper and upgrade you birding skills.
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