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Launch of the Sg Pandan Tree Planting Project

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:21 am
by green baron
The Sungei Pandan Tree Planting Project, a partnership between South West CDC, Borneo Motors, Nature Society (Singapore) and NParks, was officially launched on 8 January (Friday) morning by the Mayor of the SW-CDC, Ms. Amy Khor.

Below are some photos from launch :

Sg Pandan Planting plot : Workers preparing plants for the event.

Kwok Peng (NSS) and Justin (NSS) checking the Sg Pandan tree Planting project signboard.

Mr Mr Liak Teng Li (CEO Alexandra Hospital), Mr Koh Ching Hong (MD Borneo Motors) , Dr Amy Khor (Mayor SW CDC) flagging off SW CDC brisk walkers.

Mayor unveiling the signboard. (L-R) Mayor, Mr Koh, Mr Liak and Ho Hua Chew (NSS)

Mayor watering Sea Hibiscus plant that she planted

Mayor releasing butterflies. (L-R) Rosalind Tan (Alexandra Hospital), Mayor, Mr Koh, Gan Cheong Weei (NSS)

"This yellow butterfly is so dainty !" (L-R) Rosalind Tan , Mayor, Mr Koh, Gan Cheong Weei

Borneo Motors staffs planting native tree.

One for the record !

See also CNA Jan 8th 2010

South West CDC and Borneo Motors collaborate in environmenta

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:33 pm
by green baron
MediaCorp 98.3Live News 8 Jan 2010.

Residents living around Sungei Pandan will soon enjoy a greener environment.

One thousand native plants will planted along the river through a new three-year collaboration between the South West Community Development Council and Borneo Motors.

These plants are also expected to create a conducive environment and ecosystem for 200 different species of birds and butterflies.

In addition, it will contribute to efforts in lowering carbon emissions by some 22,000 kilograms over the three years.

Dr Amy Khor is the Mayor for the South West District : "It is also really to promote awareness among residents of their ability to play a role in helping us to conserve the environment, at the same time mitigate climate change, and then there are tangible benefits to them because they will have a better living environment, they will be able to enjoy the birds, butterflies in the area. To get people to realise that mitigating climate change needs the effort of everyone."

The CDC's partnership with Borneo Motors is the first project under the district's Eco Plan South West this year.

It's a 10-year Masterplan for the environment and community targetting the planting of one million native flora in the district.

Borneo Motors is investing some $100,000 in the Sungei Pandan project.

Its Managing Director is Koh Ching Hong.

"Our vision is to create a habitat of ecosystem in a natural environment, yet still within the reach of the local community and within a few hundred metres there are a lot of residences, both private and public residence, where they can therefore also take part and take ownership of this new habitat or ecosystem."

Borneo Motors is getting its 800 staff to participate actively in the project.

Plan for 1 million native trees on Jurong East plot

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:46 pm
by green baron
Alexis Cai, Straits Times 9 Jan 10

AN ABUNDANCE of green is set to take root near Pandan Gardens in Jurong East. Residents there can look forward to not only more flora but also more birds and butterflies around their estate.

The plot of land stretching the length of a soccer field at nearby Sungei Pandan has been set aside to recreate a countryside scene.

The three-year collaboration between the South West Community Development Council and Borneo Motors aims to have more than one million native trees planted there by 2020, an extension of a previous project launched by the council in July 2007. The previous target of 100,000 trees was surpassed in November last year.

It is hoped that the greenery will be able to absorb some 22,000kg worth of carbon dioxide annually, the equivalent to that emitted by four flights around the earth.

At yesterday's launch, the Mayor of South West District, Dr Amy Khor, planted the first senna alata, a shrub which features yellow flowers.

'Such an initiative helps ensure that the future generations will continue to have an environment for quality living,' she said.

Also at the mass planting session were 57 Borneo Motors management staff members who were each given a plant for the site.

Managing director Koh Ching Hong hopes the initiative will inspire other corporations to join them in efforts to create sustainable habitats for nature within the community.

The plot of land was chosen by the National Parks Board and the Nature Society for its prime location, so that some of the creatures that live in neighbouring woodlands can be lured over to Sungei Pandan.

At the moment, only three butterfly species and eight bird species can be found in the area.

'It is a stepping stone we are creating,' said Dr Ho Hua Chew, deputy chairman of the conservation committee within the Nature Society.

It is hoped that at least 30 species will settle down at the new site within a year, eventually reaching about 100.

Corrections :
- "Dr Amy Khor, planted the first senna alata" should be "Dr Amy Khor, planted the first Sea Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus)"
- "Natue Society" should be "Nature Society (Singapore)"
- Ho Hua Chew is "Vice Chair of Conservation Committee" not "deputy chair of conservation committee"