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Tom Yam

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Tom Yam

Postby kctsang » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:35 pm

Tom Yam

Onion sliced
Tomotoes quartered, skin removed.
lime leaf,
lime juice
asam juice
lemon grass bruised
laos bruised
fish sauce
freshly made chilli paste
mushrooms sliced.
prawns, deveined, shelled leaving tail
fish slices
squid, cross with knife.
big green chillies
Fry onion till soft and fragrant, add stock, lemon grass,
laos, chili paste, lime leaves, lime juice, asam juice and
let it cook for a while. Add tomatoes and mushrooms.
Add the shrimp, fish slices and squid. Season with fish
sauce and a little sugar.
Serve hot with coriander sprinkled generously over.

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