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What is your workflow for posting photos?

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What is your workflow for posting photos?

Postby richardlbong » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:27 am

What is your workflow? Normally, before posting you need to tweak your photo a little to compensate for the softness that occur especially when your photos are hosted in Photobucket or Flicker to name a few of the free photo hosting websites.
This is my normal workflow before posting.
1. I normally shoot to allow for a 10% crop to get my photos, 'compositionally correct' to my eyes that is. First I set the crop to the longest length of 750 pixels then crop the shot to my taste.
2. I adjusted either the 'level' or 'curve' to get the highlight and shadow of the photo to my liking.
3. Finally I sharpened the shot slightly. Do not over sharpen, as this will create a halo around the edges of the butterfly or main subject.
4. I then post that to the photo hosting site.
5. If I need to post this shot in forums, I will copy and paste the posting code, normally the 'Img Code' line to the forum.
Hope this tip help those having difficulties posting their photos here.
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