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Re: Whose Caterpillar... ???

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:20 am
by EarlyStages
Since the Danaini are of particular interest to my research, please allow a new member to add his two cents to an old thread. The subject caterpillar is almost certainly that of a fourth-instar Idea leuconoe (Mangrove Tree Nymph), the number of lateral red spots increasing with its next molt to soon look like this: ... stcount=44. Also, I do believe the referenced larval photo by Christopher Tranter actually shows I. lynceus, his PBase image appearing identical to others I have of this species' cat. BTW, Parsonsia "helicandra" (爬森藤) is now considered a synonym, with P. alboflavescens being the currently accepted botanical name.

Best wishes,

Keith Wolfe
Antioch, California

PS Least I forget my manners, I am a lepidopterist who studies the immature stages and hostplant utilization of butterflies in order to better understand (resolve) their phylogeny (scientific placement) and, when necessary, conservation requirements.