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Butterfly Walk at Singapore Botanical Garden with Simon Chan

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:08 pm
by green baron
13 Sep 2009, Singapore Botanical Garden
by Simon Chan

A group of slightly more than 10 members joined me on the morning of 13th September 2009 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. From my lone reconnaissance earlier in the day, I had a forewarning that it was not going to be a marvelous walk. The weather was fine but the density of butterflies and the number of species spotted was not so.

Notwithstanding the less than ideal number of sightings, the walk can be considered a success because we all got to see what we came here for and that is the Common Birdwing and the Common Rose!

Butterfly List :
Family : Papilionidae, SubFamily : Papilioninae
Troides helena cerberus - Common Birdwing
Pachliopta aristolochiae asteris - Common Rose
Chilasa clytia clytia - Common Mime

Family : Pieridae, Subfamily : Pierinae
Delias hyparete metarete - Painted Jezebel
Leptosia nina malayana - Psyche

Family : Pieridae, Subfamily : Coliadinae
Catopsilia pomona pomona - Lemon Emigrant
Eurema hecabe contubernalis - Common Grass Yellow

Family : Nymphalidae, Subfamily : Satyrinae
Elymnias hypermnestra agina - Common Palmfly
Mycalesis perseus cepheus - Dingy Bush Brown
Ypthima huebneri - Common Four Ring

Family : Nymphalidae, Subfamily : Nymphalinae
Junonia hedonia ida - Chocolate Pansy
Euthalia aconthea gurda - Baron

Family : Lycaenidae, Subfamily : Lycaeninae
Zizina otis lampa - Lesser Grass Blue
Chilades pandava pandava - Cycad Blue

Family : Hesperiidae, Subfamily : Hesperiinae
Potanthus omaha omaha - Lesser Dart
Pelopidas mathias mathias - Small Branded Swift