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Be a Nature Mentor for ESN Project!

Every Singaporean A Naturalist Mentorship Programme

The Every Singaporean A Naturalist (ESN) is a new initiative by the Nature Society (Singapore) [NSS] that aims to provide school students and eventually the wider public a hands-on conservation experience to deepen their appreciation and knowledge of nature.

With the successful engagement of 12 schools, we aim to increase the reach of the ESN programme to at least 30 schools by mid-2020. As our project continues to grow, we are looking for passionate volunteers to assist us.

Join us as an NSS Nature Mentor to inspire and nurture the next generation to become future ambassadors of our natural environment and heritage. Training will be provided to equip Nature Mentors with the knowledge and skills required.


Responsibilities of NSS Nature Mentors:

For new mentors,

· Mentor the students during their bi-weekly or weekly 20-minute monitoring sessions. Help them master their species identification over the weeks.

· Follow up with the school’s monitoring and data uploading progress.

· Support the teachers in their familiarisation with the usage of our resource package.

In addition, for seasoned mentors with more than a year of experience,

· Conduct training on the monitoring methodology and species identification for the students and teachers when necessary.

· Conduct guided Nature Walks in their school, nearby garden/park or nature reserve.



· Preferably an NSS member

· Has a keen interest in nature conservation and education

· Enjoy working in the outdoors and with young people (including children)

· Willingness to learn and impart your knowledge and skills

· A team player as you will be working with the ESN Project Officer, the school teachers and possibly the other Nature Mentors

· Ability to commit to one school for at least one semester (half a year)

o Available on at least one weekday. This is because the schools usually conduct their bi-weekly or weekly ESN activities during their CCA or school hours (on the same day of each week). The duration of each visit may vary from 0.5 to 2 hours.


Brief Schedule



15 Dec 2018


9 AM to 1 PM

NSS Office

Introduction & Training (Mandatory)

·       Introduction

·       Monitoring Methodology

·       iNaturalist & Data Uploading

·      Bird Species Identification* (Optional for Expert Birders)


Jan – May 2019

Attend additional training when necessary. For example, species identification of the other taxonomic groups monitored by the school.


Strongly encouraged to attend a few relevant NSS Nature Walks to practice and master your species identification. Optional for experts.


Visit the school on a bi-weekly or weekly basis for their ESN activities which include training, monitoring and etc.



*The 35 Bird Species that mentors will be taught to identify are:

1. Red Junglefowl 

2. Sunda Woodpecker

3. Common Flameback / Goldenback 

4. Oriental Pied Hornbill 

5. Collared Kingfisher 

6. White-throated Kingfisher

7. Asian Glossy Starling

8. Asian Koel

9. House Crow

10. Common Myna

11. White-vented Myna (Javan Myna)

12. Spotted Dove

13. Zebra Dove 

14. Black-naped Oriole

15. Common Pigeon (Rock Dove)

16. Pink-necked Green-pigeon

17. Common Iora

18. Cockatoos 

19. Oriental Magpie-robin

20. White-crested Laughingthrush

21. Parrots & Parakeets (New World & African Parrots)

22. Blue-tailed Bee-eater

23. Blue-throated Bee-eater

24. Straw-headed Bulbul

25. Yellow-vented Bulbul

26. Common Tailorbird

27. Crimson Sunbird

28. Brown-throated Sunbird (Plain-throated Sunbird)

29. Olive-backed Sunbird

30. Oriental White-eye

31. Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

32. Eurasian Tree Sparrow

33. Paddyfield Pipit

34. Scaly-breasted Munia

35. White-breasted Waterhen

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