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Meet Shin Ying! Our New Intern

Ms Tan Shin Ying will be interning with us for 10 weeks from 17 May to 22 July 2022.
She is currently in her 3rd year at the National University of Singapore pursuing a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sociology degree, with Life Sciences as a second major.
She will be attached to the Every Singaporean a Naturalist Programme as well as assist in the communication and outreach efforts of the Secretariat.
During her internship, Shin Ying looks forward to learning more about the various species we have in Singapore, the relationship they have with each other as well as the effect they have on their environment.

She hopes that her internship experience will empower her to convince more people to coexist with nature and allow her to share confidently the importance and wonders of the natural world with others. She is optimistic that even those who are not nature-lovers may acknowledge the essential role that nature plays in our ecosystem and lives, and support conservation efforts and organisations like ours.
Since young, she has had an avid interest in animals and is always looking to visit places that allow her to interact with them. In her free time, Shin Ying volunteers at an animal shelter and likes visiting green spaces to spot wildlife.
A big and warm welcome to Shin Ying as an invaluable addition to our NSS team!

Internship Opportunities
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Written by Kerry Pereira