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NSS Kranji Reservoir Adoption Programme and Ceremony

WHEN: On 29 November 2008, NSS launched the Kranji Reservoir Adoption Project under the PUB’s ABC Waters Programme ( The Launch officiated by the PUB’s Assistant Chief Executive, Mr. Chan Yoon Kum was held at the D’Kranji Farm Resort and about 40 plus people (PUB officials, NSS members & guests from both sides) attended the ceremony.

Below is Mr. Chan Yoon Kum, PUB Assistant Chief Executive presenting the Adoption Plaque to Dr. Shawn Lum, NSS President

It is a historic event because this is the first time NSS is taking responsibility for the care of a Nature Area --- striding forward from merely providing conservation proposals and feedbacks. The press release for the adoption is also available on the PUB website titled: Nature Society Joins PUB’s Our Waters Programme:

PERIOD & LOCATION: The Adoption involves the care of the Kranji Marsh Park (15 ha. area as in the map) for 2 years --- renewable at the end of the stretch.

OBJECTIVE: The Adoption project will be carried out through the promotion of nature education and ecological care of the Marsh, with the overall objective of inculcating nature appreciation among the people. This is to instill in them fondness for our reservoirs --- so that care for their cleanliness and sustainable use is not just a matter of health and survival but also one of pleasure as well.

This programme has been approved by PUB.


a) Habitat Restoration & Enhancement 
i) Opening up of the much-clogged-up pond near the PUB Pumping Station.
ii) Clearing of undesirable plants in the general marshland area and the inlets & streams feeding into the marshland.
iii) Enhancement of the pond & marshland habitat to attract birds and other wildlife.
b) Deterrence Against Poaching
i) To keep an eye on poachers in the area
ii) Where opportunity arises, to educate the poachers to desist from their activities.

a) Nature Walks
i) A public nature walk open to only individuals and families will conducted every month, starting from January 2009.
ii) At the same time, the Society will increase nature walks to the marshland for its members.
b) Fun With Nature
i) The on-going Fun with Nature will also be held to introduce kids to the ecology of the marshland.
c) Other Educational Activities
If funds are available, NSS can provide various types of educational materials --- such as an information board, brochures, educational plaques, etc.

a) A baseline biodiversity survey of the marshland and its surrounding habitats, covering birds, butterflies and other wildlife, will be conducted. To be followed by a monitoring programme.

b) NSS will also conduct and/or assist in any feasible wildlife & ecological studies.

The Kranji Marsh area is very important for marshland and grassland birdlife. 59 species of wetland and grassland birds, migrant and resident, are recorded over the last 5 years. Six of these are species listed in the Singapore Red Data Book and these are the Lesser Whistling Duck, Red-legged Crake, Grey Heron, White-chested Babbler, Purple Heron and the Greater Paintedsnipe. The White-chested Babbler is also globally endangered species.

For the other taxonomic groups, much work in terms of study and survey needs to be done. There is a great potential for interesting discoveries of uncommon and rare species in terms of reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. 27 species of butterflies are recorded so far in the Kranji Marsh and its adjacent areas of scrubland and woodland. This constitutes 10 % of the total number of species in Singapore. Of these 27, nine are considered rare in Singapore, e.g. the Pandita sinope, Banded Swallowtail, Long-banded Silverline, Peacock Pansy, etc.

i) If there is fund, rain-cum-lightning shelters will be set up.
ii) Also, viewing screens at sensitive spots.

NSS will be available to assist PUB through providing ecological & biodiversity information for decision-making or problem-solving on any aspects of the waterbody management.

WORKING COMMITTEE for Kranji Reservoir (Marsh) Adoption Programme:

Co-ordinator: Ho Hua Chew (Conservation Committee)

  • Alan Owyong (Bird Group)
  • Yeo Suay Hwee (Vertebrate Study Group)
  • Gloria Seow (Education Group)
  • Simon Chan (Butterfly Interest Group)
  • Tsang Kwok Choong (BESG)
  • Shawn Lum (President/Plant Group)
  • Leong Kwok Peng (Vice-President)
  • Cheong Loong Fah (co-opted, NUS)
  • Lim Tian Soo (co-opted, The Green Circle)

Advisory Panel

  • Tay Kheng Soon (Architect, Akitek Tenggara)
  • Prof C. H. Diong (Zoologist, NIE)
  • David Li (Ornithologist, Nparks)
  • Michelle Sim (Wetland Ecologist, PUB)

Members of the advisory panel are not representatives of their organisations except for Michelle Sim.

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