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NSS Statement on Personal Data Protection Breach in Nov 2020

On 18th January, The Straits Times published an article by Ms Choo Yun Ting ("Nature Society fined $14,000 for personal data protection breaches"), which highlighted contents of a publicly available report by the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC). Nature Society (Singapore) has been working closely with the PDPC since the data breach was reported in November 2020.

NSS members were quickly notified of the data breach, and steps were taken, with the advice of the PDPC and IT security experts, to prevent further access to personal data of NSS staff and members. 

After investigating the data breach and accepting responsibility for it, PDPC notified the Nature Society that the NSS would be fined $14,000 for breaches of the Personal Data Protection Act (Updates to follow). The ST article can be found here.

The Nature Society values the privacy of all our members and supporters and is currently in the process of migrating to a more secure server.

We would like to thank all our members for their continued trust and support as we continue to strive to conserve our natural heritage.