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Singapore Avifauna

Starting 2008, SINAV is available on-line at this website.

Our goal of going on-line is to reach out to as many birders, bird photographers and interested readers on happenings in the birding scene in Singapore as well as our neighbours.

We mention bird photographers as the numbers of this group of enthusiasts has taken off by leaps and bounds in recent years. Go to any of our birding sites and you will often see individuals and groups pursuing their passion with those huge and long bazooka look-alike tele-lenses. Very often this group of enthusiasts are the first to turn up very exciting discoveries.

Another change is SINAV will now be published monthly. With the sheer increase in the number of people going into the field to bird and to photograph, we are optimistic that there will be a correspond increase in the numbers of bird records and observation. Hence by publishing it monthly, we hope to bring this publication more current and hopefully to encourage more readers to submit their sightings and observations.

We hope readers will like these changes. We welcome your comments. Please see below for some samples. The complete set of issues can be downloaded from the 'Publications and Reports' section of the Bird Group page.

  • Singapore Avifauna Vol 24 No 01 (January 2010) – Posted 25 January 2010

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