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Conservation Documents and Publication produced by The Malayan Nature Society (Singapore Branch) and The Nature Society (Singapore) from 1985 to 2003

Some of these documents listed below are available in NSS Library or in the Special Collection of the NUS Central Library.

1.      Kranji Marshes:  An Outline Proposal for a New Nature Reserve (1985)

The “new nature reserve” refers to the Kranji Dam Mangrove at the Sg. Kranji Estuary, stretching from the Dam to Sg. Buloh.  It contributed to the designation of this stretch of mangrove as a Nature Area in the SGP (1993).  The area is now being managed by Nparks and incorporated as a Nature Area into the URA Master Plan 2003.  Unpublished report.


2.      A Proposal for a Nature Conservation Area at Sungei Buloh (undated, c. 1988)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/HDB/Nparks.  Contributed to the preservation of Sg. Buloh Nature Park.  Declared a Wetland Nature Reserve in 2001, it is now incorporated into the URA Master Plan 2003.  Published report.


3.      Master Plan for the Conservation of Nature in Singapore (1990)

Submitted to MND/URA/EVNV/HDB/Nparks.  Contributed to the formulation of the Green and Blue Plan of URA’s Master Plan: Living the Next Lap (1991) and the nature conservation chapter of The Singapore Green Published report.


4.      Conservation Proposal for Sungei Khatib Bongsu Heronry (undated, c. 1990)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/Nparks.  The heronry belong to the Black-crowned Night Heron.  It was destroy due to fogging against mosquito.  The mangrove and ponds are still intact, but the herons have never come back to nest to date.  Unpublished report.


5.      Conservation Proposal for Senoko (1990)

Submitted to MND/URA/Nparks.  The area has already been completely developed into the Sembawang HDB housing estate.  Unpublished report.


6.      Conservation Proposal for Kranji Heronry and Marshes (1990)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/PUB.  Contributed to the designation of the marshes at kranji Bund as a Nature Area in the SGP and the establishment of the marsh south of the BBC Station as the Krani Marshland Park, which is now also designated as a Nature Area in the URA Master Plan 2003.  80% of the marsh north of the BBC Station has already been destroyed by the NSRCC golf course project.  Unpublished report.


7.      Kent Ridge Enviorns:  A Proposal for Conserving Nature at the National University of Singapore Campus (1991)

Submitted to NUS/URA.  Contributed to the preservation of most of the Kent Ridge adinandra belukar, which is now designated a Nature Area in the URA Master Plan 2003.  Unpublished report.


8.      Conservation Proposal for Pulau Ubin (1992)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/Nparks.  Contributed to the designation of Pulau Ubin as a Nature Area in the SGP (1993), which eventually leads to some parts of Ubin being managed by Nparks as a nature-cum-public park.  It is now incorporated as a Nature Area in the Master Plan 2003, minus Chek Jawa.  It is not clear at this stage whether the territory of the OBS is included.  Unpublished report.


9.      Conservation Proposal for Marina South (undated, c. 1992)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/Nparks.  The area is completely filled up in 1992, the rationale given was that it was a mosquito breeding ground.  No development has occurred so far.  It is now a veritable secondary forest.  Unpublished report.


10.  Vanishing Birds of Singapore

An indispensable document for the conservation of birdlife in Singapore.  Published report.


11.  Conservation Proposal for Sentosa

Submitted to MND/URA/SDC/Nparks.  Contributed to the designation of both Mount Embiah & Mount Serapong as parts of the Sentosa Nature Area in the SGP.  It is now incorporated as a Nature Area into the URA Master Plan 2003.  Unpublished report.


12.  Proposed Golf Course at Lower Peirce:  An Environmental Impact Assessment (1992)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/PUB/Nparks.  Contributed to the shelving of the 120 hectares golf course project at Lower Pierce, which is part of the Central Catchment Forest Reserve.  Published report.


13.  Feedback on the Singapore Green Plan (Nature Conservation) (1993)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/Nparks.  Helped to put Sg. Khatib Bongsu into the SGP as one of 19 nature areas.  Khatib was not listed in the original draft of the SGP (1993).  Unpublished report.


14.  Conservation Proposal for South Simpang (1993)

Submitted to MND/URA/ENV/Nparks.  “South Simpang” covers the Sg. Khatib Bongsu area.  Also contributed and reinforced the designation of Khatib Bongsu as a Nature Area in the SGP (1993) as well as its incorporation into the Simpang Development Guide Plan (1993).  Currently, Khatib is once again under threat, as there is a plan to develop the area into a reservoir.  It has been left out of the URA Master Plan 2003.  Unpublished report.


15.  The Singapore Red Data Book:  Threatened Plants and Animals of Singapore (1994)

Circulated widely.  Invaluable as reference for conservation of the various taxonomic groups in Singapore.  Published report.


16.  State of the Natural Environment in Singapore (1999)

Based on the NSS Conference on State of our Natural Environment (1998).  Circulated widely to government and non-government organisations.  Useful reference for overviews of the state of the key habitats and taxonomic groups in Singapore.  Published report.


17.  The Nature Society’s Feedback on the Impact of Reclamation on Chek Jawa (2001)

Submitted to MND.  Contributed to the shelving of the government land reclamation project for the Chek Jawa sand-and-mudflats.  However, Chek Jawa has not been included as part of the Ubin Nature Area nor has it been incorporated into the URA Master Plan 2003 for any form of designated protection.  Unpublished report.


18.  Feedback to The Singapore Green Plan 2012 (2002)

Submitted to ENV/URA/Nparks.  Contributed to the upholding of the Nature Areas that were identified in the SGP (1993) as well as the implementation of the Action Programmes for the Green Plan currently underway.  On NSS ConservationSingapore Website.  Unpublished report.  Download report(MSWord file)


19.  SAFRA’s Golf Course Project at the Kranji Bund Marsh:  Nature Society’s Feedback on impacts & Proposals for Conservation & Mitigation (2002)

Submitted to NSRCC/URA/Nparks.  Contributed to the extension of the so-called marshland buffer along Kranji Bund beyond what was originally given by NSRCC and NSS being called for so-called ‘consultation’ on mitigation measures for the construction of the golf course.  Unpublished report.


20.  Nature Society’s Proposals for impact Containment & Mitigation at the Kranji Golf-Course Project (2002)

Submitted to NSRCC/URA/Nparks.  This includes the document No. 19 (above) in the Appendix.  Provides more detailed recommendations for mitigation measures than the above.  The major mitigation measures recommended are however not being incorporated into the latest golf course design as far as we know.  Unpublished report.


21.  Feedback to the URA Parks & Waterbodies Plan (2002)

Submitted to URA/Nparks/URA Subject Focus Group.  Some of the proposals are accepted (e.g. scrapping of the motor-car scenic trail), some rejected (e.g. incorporating the cat-tail marsh into the new Tampines Quarry Park) and some undetermined at this stage (e.g. scrapping the east-west board-walk trail trhought the heart of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve).  Summary on NSS ConservationSingapore Website.  Unpublished report.


22.  Feedback to the Police Coast Guard Fence at Pulau Ubin (2003)
Submitted to Singapore Police Force recently.  On NSS ConservationSingapore Website.  Unpublished report