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NSS Butterfly Guide App

NSS is pleased to announced our 2nd iPhone App :  A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore.  This mobile field guide features 440 awe-inspiring photographs of butterflies found in Singapore. All photographs were selected for their distinctive features to facilitate field identification. Species known to be dimorphic have pictures of both genders shown while the different forms of a polymorphic species are highlighted as well.
Unique features of this application include :
  • Browse by Family, Gallery, Thumbnail and List
  • Filters to quickly display a subset of butterflies to facilitate identification
  • Search by common name, scientific name, colour, has tail, has eyespot and flight speed
  • Display similar looking species
  • Compare two photos side by side with synchronized pan and zoom
  • Sighting list and Personal Life list with automatic time stamp and GPS coordinates.
The application is designed to be used in the field thus does not require mobile network.
Many people have contributed and helped to create this application. (See Acknowledgement page in the application). This application is made possible with a grant from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and fund from Project Painted Wings. 

We will continue to refine and improve this application thus feedback is most welcome.  Please submit your feedback to the NSS Nature Guides and Apps forum.

Note : We are making this app available for free! 

To install this app, search for "NSS' in the App Store and look for this icon.