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Special Promotion for NSS Members: Fly-A-Way Board Game

From now till Oct 15, NSS Members are entitled to a 10% discount when purchasing Fly-A-Way, a strategy board game that highlights the threats faced by migratory birds along the East-Asian Australasian Flyway.

Co-developed by our partner, BirdLife International (Asia), and Tuber, Fly-A-Way, this educational and fun board game allows you to step into the shoes of conservationists and take action to protect 42 bird species - almost half of which can be found in Singapore during the migratory season.

Plan, protect, outplay. Counter threats, build on each other's plans and devise strategies to ensure the birds migrate to their wintering grounds safely.

A family-friendly game that also develops a deeper appreciation for the wonders of bird migration and our environment.

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Promotion Code
NSS Members who are interested to purchase the project, pls write to Kerry ( to obtain your promotion code. Pls indicate in the Subject header of your email "Fly-A-Way Promo Code" and provide your membership no. for us to verify your membership.