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NSS Nominated as Beneficiary of Trasher Planet Art Exhibition

Trasher Planet - Exploration in Materiality & Conceptualisations

Nature Society (Singapore) has been nominated to be the beneficiary of the Trasher Planet art exhibition. Profits from the sale of art works and green products created by the artists for the opening night will be donated to the society.

Details of the exhibition are as follows:-

Date/Day: 11 - 18 Sep '19, Wed to Wed
Venue: The Art Space by Natalie Wong
Address: 5 Stadium Walk, #01-02, Kallang Leisure Park, Kallang, Singapore

Do visit the exhibition for a thought-provoking experience.

A big Thank You to all the artists for supporting our cause. We wish them a successful event.

About the Exhibition
According to the Singapore Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources 200,000 tonnes of wastes are sent to the Semakau landfill each year, the only landfill left in Singapore. At the current rate of garbage disposal, the landfill will run out of space in 2035.

"Environmental Sustainability" can be referred to as increasing renewable resource harvesting, reducing pollution creation and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely. It is an urgent issue that has yet to be solved in the world today. Data collected in recent years predicts that by 2035 we may reach a point of no return in our ability reduce the disastrous effects mankind has had on our planet. We all need to begin to make serious changes. "

In order to truly make a change we need to begin changing the actual manufacturing process and use of materials. That is where sustainable design and art comes in. We are a group of Sydney based, multi-cultural artists who will be curating and presenting a show called "Trasher Planet" to uncover the horrid truths behind the surface of the modern day Earth human activities.

To encourage artists' creativity and innovation, the project does not limit artist to any form of art. The show accepts all media, conceptually as well as materiality based works. Through the reuse of recycled items and environmental concept based artworks, this project aims to encourage artists of all backgrounds to make artworks that can help advocate, socially engage and generate ideas to forward a green approach to all art. One where Environmental Sustainability is at the core of creativity.

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