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A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore
Gan Cheong Weei and Simon Chan Kee Mun
Nature Society (Singapore)
ISBN 9-8105-9111-3
(c) 2008, 2009

This compact (90mm x 21mm) 10-fold field guide features 140 species of butterflies which can been found in Singapore. Each butterfly picture is accompanied by description, size, habitat, flight speed and rarity. This field guide is a must have all all nature lovers !

Painted Wings of Singapore

Painted Wings of Singapore
Nature Society (Singapore)
Jun 2003

This attractive A3 size
(297 mm x 420 mm) poster features 59 species of
butterflies in Singapore.

For an introduction to the butterflies of Malaysian and Singapore,
we recommend the following 3 books:

A Guide to Common Butterflies of Singapore
by Steven Neo Say Hian (Singapore Science Centre) Price : S$5.15

This is a compact, pocket-size book which comes in very handy
when out in the field.
Common Malayan Butterflies
by R. Morrell
(Longman Malaysia)

A good introductory
book for beginners.
Covers most of the
common butterflies in Malaysia and Singapore.
Malaysian Butterflies
- an Introduction

by Yong Hoi-Sen
(Tropical Press)
Price : S$43.30

This book will really wet your appetite. It is informative and has colorful pictures. A very good coffee table book !

For detailed reference on Malaysian and Singapore butterflies, we recommend the following 6 books:

The Butterflies of
the Malay Peninsula

by A.S. Corbet
and H. M. Pendlebury
(Malayan Nature Society)
Price : RM 80

This is the definitive reference for butterflies
in Malay Peninsular.
At 730+ pages, it is
very comprehensive,
with detailed description
of each species, it's food plant, identification key.
A 'must have' for the serious butterfly watcher in this region.

Butterflies of
West Malaysia and Singapore

by W.A.Fleming.
(Longman Malaysia)
Price : ??

A comprehensive field
guide that will make the
task of identifying
butterflies a bit easier.
Only 'disadvantage' if
you are a novice -
there are only
scientific names.

A field guide to the Butterflies of Singapore
by Khew Sin Khoon
Ink On Paper Communications Pte Ltd           

Price : S$40.65

This book comprises 370 pages featuring 291 of the recorded 295 species in Singapore. It contains many excellent butterfly photographs to boot.
Butterflies of

Pisuth Ek-Amnuay
Price : 1800 Thai Baht

Published in Dec 2006
with 868 pages featuring 1500+ species and subspecies of butterflies in Thailand, this is a must have for anyone interested in the butterflies of South East Asia.
We recommend this book as it has superb photos and contains many butterfly species from Peninsular Malaysia

by IGARASHI Suguru and FUKUDA Haruo
(TOKAI University Press)
Price : S$699.80
Text in Japanese and English. 572 pages
by IGARASHI Suguru and FUKUDA Haruo
(TOKAI University Press)
Price : S$799.80
Text in Japanese and English. 742 pages.

These 2 volumes contain colour photographs of ovum, larvae, pupae and detailed description
of the life cycles and food plants of 682 species of Asian butterflies. The volumes are the
cumulation of 30 years of research by Igarashi and Fukuda and contain many newly
discovered life cycles of Asian butterflies.
You will be amazed by the shape and color of some of the larvae and pupae featured
in the books. A must have for any serious lepidopterist.

Caterpillars of Singapore's Butterflies

Caterpillars of Singapore's Butterflies
by Tan, Horace; Khew Sin Khoon
(National Parks Board Singapore)
Price : S$26.20

This book describes 80 species of butterfly caterpillars with photographs of their eggs and pupae. Some scientific and habitat data are also given.

Books on Moths

An Introduction to the
Moths of South East Asia

by H.S. Barlow 1982
Hardback, 305 pages
ISBN 0091505187
Price : S$52.50

This is still the most useful
introduction to the moths of
this region and the most suitable identification guide. The opening
chapters cover the anatomy and
ecology of moths and how to collect
and study them, there is a
comprehensive taxonomic section
and 50 colour plates of illustrations
for easy identification.
Common Malaysian Moths
(Longman Malaysia) 1986
Hardback, 105 pages, 32 colour plates ISBN 0582724325
Price : RM $20

A good introductory book for
beginner. Contains most
commonly seen moths in
Malaysia and Singapore

The Moths of Borneo

Part 1 - 18
J.D. Holloway
Southdene Sdn Bhd
A definitive and fully illustrated work on the moths of Borneo.
A must have for anyone working on the moths of South East Asia.
Volume 2,13 and 17 yet to be published.

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