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Staff Introduction: Meet Michelle Hariff! Our New Every Singaporean a Naturalist Project Officer

Our ‘Every Singaporean a Naturalist’ (ESN) programme team is growing!

Ms. Michelle Hariff joined the NSS Secretariat on 3 Jan 2022 as the Project Officer for the ESN programme.

Having studied previously at the National University of Singapore and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and Sociology, Michelle is a part-time theatre practitioner with a background in arts programming and student development from her time at the NUS Centre for the Arts.

With an avid interest in community outreach, she hopes to spread her love for nature creatively with various schools and communities here in Singapore through the ESN programme.

The ESN programme is part of Nature Society (Singapore)’s wider citizen science engagement strategy aimed at empowering every resident with basic knowledge and skills to participate in long-term urban wildlife monitoring efforts. It is envisioned that through their involvement, a deeper appreciation of nature in Singapore would develop. In the four years since the launch of our programme in mid-2017, we have successfully engaged more than 40 schools across the pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Michelle will be working with Ms. Sung Mei Yee, our first ESN Project Officer, to continue expanding the reach of the programme as well as improving the material content and its delivery. She is currently helping to coordinate the ESN’s Naturalist Chatter series and is involved in executing other ESN events. She aspires to create fun and engaging programmes for schools and the public in the future and hopes to spread stories of nature and conservation to help people connect back to the earth.

In her free time, you can find Michelle photosynthesising on a nature walk somewhere. She looks forward to meeting and learning from you in the near future.  

A big and warm welcome to Michelle as an invaluable addition to our NSS team!

Written by Kerry Pereira