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Look Inside the Wild Adventures of ESN’s Young Naturalists

On 31 May 2023, the NSS Every Singaporean A Naturalist (ESN) programme organised their 2nd Biodiversity Race. A total of 38 teams from 15 schools participated in this fun and friendly inter-school competition where students got a chance to put their nature skills and eagle eyes into action. During the race, teams had to photograph and upload as many observations as they could from 5 different taxonomic groups (birds, butterflies & moths, amphibians, reptiles and mammals), within 2.5 to 3 hours, onto iNaturalist.

ESN’s young naturalists managed to observe a whopping total of 716 research-grade observations of 100 species across 9 locations in Singapore! These observations were fed onto  the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) as citizen science via iNaturalist.

After an exciting morning, students had the opportunity to share their experience during a race reflection activity. Check out their insights and takeaways in a collage created by one of our very own ESN teachers, Mdm Norlinda Ishnin from Dunman Secondary School, and our intern, Nur Insyirah Bte Aidil down below!

Title Page 1 - Final version.pngReflections page 2 - Final version.pngReflections page 3 - Final version.png

This race gave students the opportunity to venture out into various local parks and gardens to both encounter and expose themselves to the precious and abundant wildlife that lay beyond the borders of their school’s walls.

Needless to say, insights from our students have been both heartening and humbling. As ESN develops its programme, we hope to continue to instil our youths with a curious wonder and awe for our natural heritage, inspire them to protect our local biodiversity and habitats, by nurturing their hearts and minds for nature.

Written by: Michelle Hariff, ESN Project Officer
Collage by: Norlinda Ishnin, ESN Teacher
Edited by: Nur Insyriah Bte Aidil, NSS Intern