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Have You Seen Julia?

The Julia Heliconian has made its way to our shores! Native from Brazil, the Julia Heliconian has been the most recent introduction to Singapore. Recently spotted at Lazarus Island and HortPark, our Butterfly and Insect Group is monitoring its population and the extent of the spread. 

You can help! If you spot a Julia Heliconian butterfly, we want to know!
Look out for it especially at Sentosa and the southern parts of Singapore.
Upload your sightings to our NSS Singapore Nature Sightings project page at:
Do be sure to click "Join Project" so we can see your uploads.
Pls spread the word. We need as much data as possible.
More info about the NSS Singapore Nature Sightings Project can be found here:

Identification features of the Julia Heliconian butterfly:

- Fast flying
- Orange-coloured butterfly
- Long narrow wings
- Flies typically at shoulder height
- Twice as large as a Tawny Coster butterfly, which typically flies close to the ground

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Photo credits: Gan Cheong Weei