Online Talk: A Space for Both of Us: Proposing protected areas for both people and turtles

Date : 16 Jun 2024 - 16 Jun 2024
Time : 6pm - 7pm
Location : Zoom, online

Open to the Public

Sea turtle biology and ecology can go a long way to inform how their conservation can be done, but sea turtle conservation cannot live on science alone. Disregarding the needs and values of the people who live with and around turtles can have detrimental effects on their livelihoods and even on the conservation of the species that we wish to protect. Join Rushan as he shares how including people into conservation plans not only improves conservation outcomes, but is a vital, necessary component in any management plans, without which can spell disaster for the sustainability of long-term conservation goals.

This talk is organised to celebrate Sea Turtle Day.

Speaker:  Rushan bin Abdul Rahman

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About the Speaker
Rushan isbegan as a sea turtle biologist, but it became clear to him that saving sea turtles required more than just understanding their biology and ecology. He delved into the world powerful statistical and mapping tools to visualize and predict their movements across the ocean, but even then, he admitted that nerdiness and science alone could not protect sea turtles. He now delves into the complexities of the human psyche, where he has learned that in order to protect sea turtles in the most far flung and wildest corners of the globe, he must care just as much, if not more, for the people who live in these wild places, too.