About The Nature Ramblers

Current Committee Members (as of Jan 2010):

  1. Chairman - Benjamin Ho 
  2. Hon. Sec - Rehan Yusuf 
  3. Member - Ali Jafaar
  4. Member - Ho Wah Loong
  5. Member - Sutari Supari
  6. Member - Allan Teo 
  7. Member - P Pandian
  8. Advisor - Dr Ho Hua Chew

Aims & Objectives:

Our group is set up to capture the interest of a significant group of NSS members with a different orientation to nature appreciation. Based on feedback, we are setting up a group that will organise more generalized trips for those with a more casual acquaintance with the birds, flowers, butterflies, etc. we are more rambling in nature and cover more ground and distance for the sheer joy of walking in a natural or semi-natural terrain; savouring the fresh air; and admiring the aesthetics of the landscape.

To be more specific, the group mounts nature walks with the following as the primary characteristics:

  1. Long walks or rambles where robustness and sweat and at the end of the day aching limbs are anticipated and expected of participants. For example, a walk round the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or round the Macritchie Reservoir.
  2. Walks or rambles are only expected to take in the interesting or conspicuous wildlife and plants that comes along the way rather than to search and focus specifically on them.
  3. Walks or rambles are not expected to be restricted to natural terrain or habitat but can traverse all kind of terrains and habitats whether natural, semi-natural or artificial. For example, a walk along the Kallang River from the Lower Peirce Boardwalk can be mounted to traverse from the secondary forest through the Bishan Public Park and the concrete jungle of the Kallang Basin to reclaimed land at Marina East.
  4. Walks are aimed at the promotion for the love of both the natural and semi-natural (countryside) landscape of Singapore where relevant peppered with stories or narratives not only of wildlife and plants but also those associated with historical landmarks (e.g. World War 2 artifacts) or cultural features (farming leftovers in countryside, features reminiscent of the 'good old kampong days', etc.) that are encountered along the way.
  5. Walks are aimed at promoting a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among participants.
  6. Such walks or rambles will start off within our national territory but can also be conducted in Malaysia and other countries if there is sufficient interest from members.
  7. Night walks and activity like Stargazing and general astronomy to be conducted for knowledge and direction finding using the stars etc.


The NNS Nature Ramblers was officially approved as a sub-group of NSS by NSS Council in Aug 05.We had our first meeting on 22 Sep 05 with the formation of the Nature Ramblers comprising of the following Committee members:

  1. Sutari Supari (Chairman)
  2. Rehan Yusof (Vice-Chairman)
  3. Tang Peck Chan (Hon. Secretary)
  4. Ho Wah Loong (Program Officer)
  5. Taib Ali (Committee member)
  6. Yap Chung Kui (Committee member)
  7. Ali Jaafar (Committee Member)
  8. Dr Ho Hua Chew (Advisor)

In our first year, since our inception in Sep 05, the Nature Ramblers have conducted 8 rambles in Singapore through many places like Bukit Timah, Changi, Dairy Farm, Kranji, Lim Chu Kang, MacRitchie, Punggol Tanah Merah and Ubin. We are now planning to wander further afield with Malaysia as our first foreign destination.


Year :

Feb 25, 2012
Nature Ramble at Bukit Brown on 19 Feb 2012

Find out what we saw during our Nature Ramble at Bukit Brown Cemetery on 19 February 2012.