About Jalan Hijau Group

Jalan Hijau or Go Green, is a Special Interest Group first set up in 1992 under the direction of Cynthia Wee-Hoefer. The group became inactive in the late 1990s until it was revived in 2012. The objective of the group is to raise awareness of and care for the environment that we live in - in our homes, our neighbourhood, workplace and recreational places.

By calling it Jalan Hijau in Malay which means the Green Road or Go Green, it has a hopeful vision that Going Green will spread as a way of living to our neighbouring countries as well.

Jalan Hijau wants to inform people about the cause and effect of pollution, the dangers of wastage, the good sense of recycling and the genuinely rewarding feeling of caring for the earth. Its group members, a small nucleus of concerned individuals, are approaching the issue through information and education, namely:
  • By examining his or her own lifestyle and experiences and contributing remedies to protect the surroundings.
  • By compiling a local directory of useful addresses and services for recycling and other earth-saving measures for public knowledge.
  • By creating an educational video, book or newsletter to promote environmental awareness.
  • By gathering a pool of volunteer speakers who will give talks to schools, offices, clubs, business houses, etc
  • By linking with the media to disseminate information on the environment to the general public.

For this, the group would like to appeal to existing members and the public to join in and contribute their creativity, energy and concern to help save the environment.

Interested parties, please contact Tan Hang Chong at hangchong@gmail.com.


Year :

Sep 25, 2021
Birthday Wishes for a Healthy Planet

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Jan 28, 2013
A Very Successful Green Corridor Run 2013

Organised by Groundswell Events Pte Ltd
Charity Partner: Nature Society (Singapore)