Singapore Pangolin Working Group

The Singapore Pangolin Working Group comprises representatives from various NGOs and academic institutions in Singapore and is chaired by Dr. Sonja Luz from Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Ms. Ng Bee Choo and Mr. Nick Baker represent Nature Society (Singapore) Vertebrate Study Group in the working group.

What to do if you come across a pangolin?

- If the pangolin is healthy, quietly observe or take a picture. Don't touch the animal.

- If unhealthy and/or at risk (e.g. on a dangerous road) or dead, call ACRES at +65 9783 7782.

- Please also report any sightings of injured, uninjured, or dead pangolins to

- If you know of any poaching of pangolins or illegal trade in pangolin scales or meat, please contact AVA at +65 6805 2992.

Information compiled by Dr. Helen Nash and various members of the Singapore Pangolin Working Group.

For more info, pls email:

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Picture credit: Dr. Norman Lim