iNaturalist Singapore Moths Project

The iNaturalist Singapore Moths Project is a citizen science project that anybody can contribute to. No knowledge of moths is necessary.

Moths play a number of roles in the environment. They are crucial to the reproduction of our trees and other plants as they act as pollinators. Moths and their caterpillars are also part of nature’s food chain and especially important to nocturnal animals like bats. Therefore, a decline in the population will cause both wildlife and the well-being of our environment to be affected. As most moths are specialised feeders, they also give us a good idea of what plants are in the surroundings.

The objective of this project is to log in all moths sighted in Singapore so we can create a database which we and other researchers will be able to extract information such as which species are found where, what time of the day they are sighted, are there patterns etc. This will help us better understand our moths and their behaviour which will help us better conserve them and their habitats.

Therefore, what we would like people to do is to log in their sightings (with as good a pic as possible if you cannot identify it) to help us build this database.

Steps to Log Your Sighting

2. You will first need to register for an account. Click Sign Up

3. Choose the preferred sign up method - Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. - and fill up all relevant details.

4. Once you are done creating an account, our project link is:

5. Fill up as much detail as possible. The most important ones are:
  • Location
  • Time
  • Pics are needed if you cannot identify the moth 
6. Save observation. 

Logging in Sightings Using Smartphone 
If logging in sightings using a smartphone, it'll be easier if you download the iNaturalist app from the app store. Do "Sync" your sightings once you've finished entering your sightings.

Sister Project
We have a sister project on the same platform - iNaturalist Singapore Butterflies Project - which you can also help to contribute your sightings. The link to the project is