(Birds of Prey) Raptor Records

As part of our monthly records, we are keeping track of our birds of prey in Singapore. 

You can help by reporting your sightings of birds of prey to us by dropping us an email at: kerry@nss.org.sg 

Do state:

1. Date
2. Time
3. Location of Sighting
4. Bird of Prey Species ID - if possible, else state "Unknown"
5. What it was doing
6. Any interesting observation

If you do not know the ID of the bird of prey, pls take as good a picture as possible and send it to us for identification.

Families of Birds of Prey include
1. eagles
2. hawks
3. hawk-eagles
4. kites
5. buzzards
6. harriers
7. kestrels
8. ospreys
9. bazas
10. falcons
11. vultures

Do download our NSS Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore from Apple iTunes Store or Android App Store to help you identify the birds sighted. You can find it by searching for "Nature Society Singapore" or "NSS".

Thank you in advance for your submission.