Forest Clean Up @ Pulau Ubin

The Forest Cleanup at Pulau Ubin aims to raise awareness about our impact on the environment and how we can make a difference through our daily habits as well as monitor ongoing trends in usage of the island though regular monitoring of small litter items collected.

Besides removing forest debris along the 2km route of the activity, participants will also be collecting data as part of our monitoring programme. Datasheets and guidance on data collection will be provided. 

The programme also incorporates a learning journey to introduce the various concepts of conservation (ex. invasive species, fragmentation, dependence of human on nature, etc.) as well as ways to be better stewards of nature (ex. nature photography ethics, nature reserve and parks etiquette, effects of wildlife feeding, etc.) Participants will learn readily actionable things they can do to make a difference to ensure that their impact will continue long after the event is over.

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