Coastal Clean Up @ Kranji Mudflats

Since being involved in the International Coastal Clean Up (ICCS), Nature Society (Singapore) has gone on to conduct regular coastal clean ups at the Mandai Mudflats to improve this stretch of our coastline. Designated an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA), this area is a key habitat for horseshoe crabs and an important feeding site for wading birds.

The Coastal Clean-up is a hands-on activity which aims to raise awareness on the impact litter has on the environment as well as to improve better practices in our marine waterways through fact-finding.

Besides removing marine debris in the area, participants will also be collecting data as part of our monitoring programme on the trends and composition of the marine debris. Data sheets and guidance on data collection will be provided. 

Participants in this programme will be introduced to local marine conservation issues, the importance of the Mandai waterways, how people can play an important role in preserving our marine biodiversity and more importantly, be a part of a long-term effort contributing to the betterment of Singapore.